Bye-Bye Good Girl Stories

Bye-Bye Good Girl Stories

Four weeks to kick the "good girl" out and let the successful woman step forward. You can't grow if you're being led by your inner child. | taught by Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky

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You can have what you want in life, if you're prepared to go after it.

Most of us get stuck because of unconscious good girl stories we have had foisted onto us our whole lives.

It starts in childhood: Good girls don't climb trees, good girls don't answer back, good girls wait their turn and so on and so forth.

Then as a teenager: good girls don't wear make up, good girls come home before curfew and good girls don't wear short dresses!

Even when you're an adult: good girls wait to be offered a promotion, good girls let men speak first and my favourite good girls go get a husband to look after them.

Gag.... vomit.

Unfortunately most of this programming is unconscious, we don't even realise that we are fighting old stories and pushing against old programmed ways of being from a very young age.

How do you fight a ghost in the machine?

Head on with an open heart and mind.

You can be nice in biz, life and love with out the good girl stories holding you back.

If you're ready to ditch the good girl (thanks your time here is done) and ready to embrace the powerful, step up and stand out woman that life has pushed down, this course is for you.

This course won't be traditional PD, its going to go a little deeper and a little more personal than you might expect.

Sign up if you're ready to step up your life.

This course is just for you. There is no Facebook group, just you, videos, action steps and the ride of your life.

Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky
Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky
Your Business Success Leader

Trudi has spent the last eight years building her coaching, course creation and marketing skills and now shares her knowledge and experience with people across the globe.

To do this Trudi spent her time refining her skills by running events for youth both on and offline, parent training to support better relationships between parents and the tweens and teens in their lives, corporate training and online training for The Life Coaching Academy. Through this she discovered, developed and now owns her ability to craft dynamic content and create life changing courses and events.

Known by many as “The Story Teller” Trudi delves into history and fantasy to guide people to write engaging content and support them in designing unique and immersive learning experiences.

Her many years of training across numerous healing, creative and coaching modalities (NLP, Reiki Master, Performance Coach, Hypnosis, High Level Presenter Training, Experiential Game Creation and having experienced high level masterminding with owners of million dollar business) she has a rare ability to connect with people across all spectrums of business ownership.

Trudi has a back ground in stage and film, having done musical theatre in her youth and working as an extra in film and live performance as an adult.

She has clocked over 7000+ hours of stage time, including speaking, facilitation of events and has created multiple custom designed games and courses.

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