My First eCourse! Create Courses That Deliver

Connected and Leveraged Course Design | taught by Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky

Course description

Want to create online courses so you can connect and serve more people?

Make more money in your business and get back time to spend with family and friends?

If you know this is the missing part of a complete sales funnel but you just can’t get your self to take the first step…..

Then it's time to take the path of least resistance and build an amazing online course.

Sign up for My First eCourse. Over the nine modules you cover the following: 

  • Developing the right mindset to take into stepping up and being more visible online.
  • A deeper understanding of who your ideal client is and the skills to congruently connect with them.
  • Strategies for creating engaging content to connect and offers that your ideal client will love. This is who you start to build you list as well.
  • You'll complete My First eCourse with a topic and an understanding of the technology required for your first course.
  • What content to share to start engaging with your audience and get visible online.
  • The skills of building a course that makes sense to your client.
  • A guide to plan for and launch your online course because with out a launch plan, your chances of successfully signing people up to your course drops dramatically!

The course is drip fed so you have time to absorb and take action on each of the modules. 

There are also bonus modules on branding and engagement. Plus recordings from previously run live rounds to listen to. 

With 120 days access to the programme, which is drip feed a module per week, building your course will be fun, easy and set you up to start serving more people with your message.

Get started NOW and build your online empire.

Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky
Trudi Sparkles Pavlovsky
Your Business Success Leader

Trudi has spent the last eight years building her coaching, course creation and marketing skills and now shares her knowledge and experience with people across the globe.

To do this Trudi spent her time refining her skills by running events for youth both on and offline, parent training to support better relationships between parents and the tweens and teens in their lives, corporate training and online training for The Life Coaching Academy. Through this she discovered, developed and now owns her ability to craft dynamic content and create life changing courses and events.

Known by many as “The Story Teller” Trudi delves into history and fantasy to guide people to write engaging content and support them in designing unique and immersive learning experiences.

Her many years of training across numerous healing, creative and coaching modalities (NLP, Reiki Master, Performance Coach, Hypnosis, High Level Presenter Training, Experiential Game Creation and having experienced high level masterminding with owners of million dollar business) she has a rare ability to connect with people across all spectrums of business ownership.

Trudi has a back ground in stage and film, having done musical theatre in her youth and working as an extra in film and live performance as an adult.

She has clocked over 7000+ hours of stage time, including speaking, facilitation of events and has created multiple custom designed games and courses.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to My First eCourse! Watch This First
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Pre-Teach to Set The Mindset Frame Work
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Understanding How Your Mind Gets In The Way
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Tech Time is Fun Time
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Getting To The Heart Of Your Niche
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Connection Based Content
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Create The Right Course
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The Skill of Course Building
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The Sizzle Of Hot Seat Week
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